Brand Story

Brand Story

Vivienne Sabo was a real woman. She lived in a romantic time – in Paris in the 1930s, read chemistry at the Sorbonne and was in love with her fellow student Louis
Like other French women, Vivienne adored powder, mascara and lipstick. She dreamed of her own line of make-up. In the university’s laboratories Vivienne and Louis created new formulas and textures for lipsticks, resistant eyeliners and mascara with a non-clump effect for eyelashes. Vivienne carefully recorded all of her beautiful formulas which exist to this day in a diary. 
Vivienne and Louis had a deep passion for each other, Paris and violets. Coincidentally Violet was the favorite flower of Joséphine de Beauharnais, who was the only true love of Napoleon Bonaparte. Violets seemed to bring good fortune to young lovers and as a result Louis never came to his darling without at least one single flower.
Vivienne and Louis had a deep passion for each other, Paris and violets.
In today’s world Vivienne would be famous. She could have been the owner of a Parisian perfume fashion house like Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden, or Estee Lauder. However, it was not meant to be. World war II broke out in 1940 and Louis joined the Rebellion Forces. He gave to his darling a pot of violets as a going away present. Sometime had passed without word from Vivienne’s beloved Louis. One day the pot of Louis’s flowers wilted. A week later she got the news that Louis was killed.
Vivienne was heartbroken and slipped away and never was heard from again. Her trail was lost in post-war Europe. Thankfully her diary, written in neat handwriting, was not only preserved, but also by a twist of fate reached the hands of an educated person able to transcribe the formulas and adapt them for today’s conditions. The history of her beautiful love was so inspiring that it helped to create the brand that is filled with so much romance and genuine Parisian femininity!
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